Definition: Job outsourcing is when U.S. companies hire foreign workers instead of Americans.
Are you tired of getting random calls from over seas techs you don't know? Are you tired of getting calls that turn out to be a scam and drain your wallet? Are you tired of talking to someone who doesn't speak good english?
Its about time you be a part of the growing number of people who want to keep the tech support jobs in the United States of America and feel comfortable with the help.

I've been in the computer IT support field for over 18 years and have had more upset clients who call me after they get calls from people over seas they can't understand. They try to take advantage of people by rushing them to their computers and forcing them to pay with their credit cards. They speak terrible english and feel obligated to comply with what they are telling them to do. Then I get a call to fix what was done to their computer.

Since 2000, the U.S. has lost 5.5 million manufacturing jobs, with 2.1 million of those jobs being lost in the last two years alone. Since 2001, over 42,400 factories have closed in the U.S., and another 90,000 are considered at severe risk of closing. The last time so few were employed in manufacturing was in 1941, before World War II spending pulled that sector out of its Great Depression slump.

Between the years of 2001 and 2013, the United States trade with China has resulted in the loss of 2.8 million American jobs. For those fortunate enough not to lose their job, it was found in a recent study that workers lost roughly $1,400 in annual income. Detrimental effects of globalization can also be seen in countries that work is being outsourced to such places as the Philippines and India.

The University of California, San Francisco on Tuesday laid off 49 information technology (IT) employees and outsourced their work to a company based in India. Globalization and outsourcing have become hot-button political issues in the United States, as more employers cut costs by farming out work to low-cost workers in far-flung parts of the world. President Donald Trump campaigned on promises to restore lost U.S. jobs and to penalize companies that move factories overseas.
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